Hi, my name isChris Zamierowski

I'm a 
  • developer
  • designer
  • thinker
  • carnivore

T-Bone ShapedSkills

My bread and butter; I write clean, durable code to build responsive interfaces. I use the latest technologies to build and test optimized experiences across platforms and browsers.

Sass, Angular, HTML5 See more

How can I make a user’s interaction as simple as possible? Wireframes and rapid prototyping (I like to use HTML and very basic CSS - it’s easy, quick and I know it well, but most importantly it feels “real” to a user) are great tools for understanding behavior and validating designs.

HTML, Balsamiq, Pen & Paper See more

I’m a believer in style guides and modular design. I have some experience as a visual designer, but I’m building my design chops and I tend to leave things like iconography to others.

Sketch, Photoshop, Sass See more

Developers are often only concerned with coding; I enjoy being a part of the full product development process. While maintaining attention to detail, I always value seeing the big picture. I create mockups and iterate on solutions to make sure what I’m building makes sense.

Asana, Post-it Notes, Whiteboards See more

While I don’t consider myself a full-stack developer (yet), I do have experience working with several backend languages/frameworks. I’m most comfortable in the View layer but am familiar enough to touch other parts of an application when needed.

Node.js, Ruby on Rails See more

I value communication over pretty much everything else. I'm a team player and thrive as a group leader.

Pivotal Tracker, Asana, Slack See more

A FewProjects

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A BriefResume

Northwestern grad; I’ve worked for agencies, startups and as a freelancer

Currently focusing on:

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