Hi, my name isChris Zamierowski

I'm a 
  • developer
  • designer
  • thinker
  • carnivore

T-Bone ShapedSkills

My bread and butter; I use the latest technologies to architect and write clean, durable code to build optimized responsive experiences and interactive interfaces across platforms and browsers.

Sass, Vue.js, HTML5 See more

As part of my design process, I create wireframes and rapid prototypes to understand user behavior, conceptualize/validate user interactions and iterate on designs.

Pen & Paper, Balsamiq, HTML & CSS See more

I’m a believer in an agile design process that includes style guides and modular design. I'm a design autodidact and enjoy UI design but prefer to leave pixel-pushing tasks like iconography to specialists.

Sketch, Zeplin, Sass, Photoshop See more

I evaluate user needs and business goals to contribute to product strategy and design iterations. I create mockups and iterate on solutions to make sure what I’m building makes sense.

Asana, Post-it Notes, Whiteboards See more

I have experience building RESTful APIs and traditional sites with several backend languages/frameworks, although I prefer to work mainly in the business logic/API layer and leave complex database queries and server setup to specialists.

Node.js, Ruby on Rails See more

I believe communication and solid processes, above all else, are the key to a successful project. I'm a team player and thrive as a group leader, but am also comfortable working autonomously.

Trello, Slack, Pivotal Tracker, Asana See more

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A BriefResume

Northwestern grad; I’ve worked for startups, agencies and as a freelancer

I'm currently focusing on:

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