Tasting Collective

Front End Development
Responsive Web Design
Ruby on Rails
Remote Work

Tasting Collective members enjoy access to private chef-led dining events at top restaurants, as well as exclusive perks from leading food-related brands.

Working on a small, remote team, I built a responsive interface for Tasting Collective's marketing and membership site. This included collaborating with a backend developer, a designer and the CEO.

The site is built with Ruby on Rails, using Haml templates, Sass/Compass (starting from a custom Twitter Bootstrap configuration) and jQuery. I was responsible for manipulating designs in Sketch and full front-end development, including working in the V&C layers of Rails. I utilized Fontello for icons and we deployed to Heroku.

Fully Responsive

The site was designed and built to look great on all viewports and devices.

My development included interfacing with a REST API, form validation (both client and server-side), custom photo carousels, navigation and Google Maps integration. We also utilized and modified several JavaScript Bootstrap components like modals and dropdowns.

We also leveraged several third-party libraries and APIs to enhance the user's experience.

We wanted to keep the focus on the food and all the awesome perks and events, so the site features lots of (delicious) imagery while still being informative for the user.

The site also includes Google Analytics as well as several campaign tracking and analytics libraries.

Check it out at tastingcollective.com.

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