Thomas Pham Photography

Visual Design
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Back End Development

Tom contacted me to work with him to give his small photography business an online home. He wanted a place to show potential clients some of his existing work and for clients to browse their photos before selecting their final album.

Tom wanted the site to be simple and elegant, with a focus on big photos.

Since Tom's two main areas of focus are weddings and senior portraits, we decided to organize the site using a splash page and two identical sub-sites.

This allowed potential clients to browse info and photos only related to their interest.

I used a clean, unobtrusive, black and white design that let Tom's photos shine through on each page.

To minimize Tom's effort needed for client and photo management, I set up a client portal he could manage using Google Docs, which meant no new software to learn or fancy URLs to remember.

The site was built using PHP, CSS and JavaScript. Check it out at

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